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Working together with our community, supporting the growth and development of our lake neighborhood, the Lake Wauwanoka Sewer Company (LWSC) dedicates itself to providing the residents of Lake Wauwanoka sound management and service that incorporates the cleanest, most ecologically sound waste management practices for our lake.

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History and Challenge

First built in the 1940s, the sewer system was initially built to support approximately 70 homes on our lake. But the system has been greatly upgraded over the years which now supports upwards of 200 residences. This has happened with the help of many volinteers. In the 40s there was only a sludge holding tank that needed pumping out when it got full. Then later a sludge activated chamber was added along with a clarifier. Sands beds were also added. Then a digester was added. Many volunteers over the years have worked and maintained it. Recently a second clarifier was also added with upgraded pump motors along with upgraded electrical wiring. Also the activation chamber was modified with deeper sides. There was also an upper basin added not just to long ago. To keep our lake clean, we have been upgrading the capacity of our sewer system to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's Wauwanoka community. This is more of an accurate history of our sewer plant than the one you use at the opening of this web page. I would appreciate your response on this matter and also publish this comment so all can see.

This site is a means of being in communication with you, our residents, as we're committed to keeping you up-to-date with the progress of the renovation project of the one aspect of our community that's kept our lake water so clean, and that is our shared waste management system.

Help Us, Help You...

Please check your gutter downspouts and make sure they empty out on the ground and not into the sewer. If your downspouts are routed into a pipe that runs underground, please be certain that the underground pipe exits out on the ground somewhere and not connected to any sewer lines.

An easy way to do this would be to drop a water hose into the pipe(s) where your downspouts are routed into and turn the water on. Then walk around your yard until you find where the water is draining to. It should be draining out in a location that is down hill from the downspout, possibly near the street. If needed, some plumbers offer reasonably priced video services.

If you are unable to find where the water is exiting the pipe, then most likely your gutters are draining into the sewer system.

Every less drop, helps!

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